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T-Shirts or tees are amongst the commonest casual wear apparels worn by people belonging to different age groups. A form of casual wear, t-shirts are available in stunning designs and colours that render the buyer spoiled for choice. While you can pick tees from a vast collection available in the market, one can also get a t-shirt custom-made as per one’s liking. In the apparel market, some of the popular types of tees are collared, round neck, compressed, dry-fit and polo. Cotton, lycra, spandex, polyester, rayon and linen are among the available fabrics used for manufacturing t-shirts. Custom designed t-shirts printed with a product picture or company’s logo are also very popular with corporates for promotional, gifting or advertising. You can buy t shirts online as per the required size and style. Mentioned above is a vast list of T Shirt Manufacturers in Gurgaon, Delhi.

Which are the top T Shirt Manufacturers in Gurgaon?

Top 5 T Shirt Manufacturers near you in Gurgaon are:

·  ▪ Creative Arts & Designing

·  ▪ Creative Color

·  ▪ T shirt printing in Gurgaon

·  ▪ Graphic Print

·  ▪ T Shirt Cart

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How can Creative Color help in choosing the best T Shirt Manufacturers near you?

You can Get T Shirt Manufacturers in Gurgaon on the basis of your location, popularity, ratings & reviews on Creative Color. To get the best offers from business listed with Creative Color, click on the Best Deals tab beside listings and fill-up the requirements. Businesses will contact with their best offers. You can negotiate with them.

A wide range of trendy and stylish t shirts made by t-shirt manufacturers in Gurgaon, Delhi for all occasions

T-shirts have a prolonged history of being a popular piece of clothing that has marked its presence in most of the wardrobes. It is considered as one of the most comfortable apparel preferred by people of all age groups. T-shirts have evolved to become a ubiquitous piece of clothing across the globe which is stylish, easy to wear, comfortable, and can be worn at almost every formal or casual occasion with or without a jacket or a blazer. T shirt manufacturers in Gurgaon, Delhi design these ready to wear apparels in different styles, colours, and sizes according to the prevailing colour trend, print and fit preferred by men, women and children of different age groups. T shirt manufacturers use different types of fabrics, prints and colours to prepare a range of T shirts in various sizes to cater to the area, occasion and gender specific needs of people from domestic and international market. They consistently work on developing new patterns and designs for T shirt and are quick to respond to the market pulse. To maintain the production cycle and offer competitive rates most t shirt manufacturers develop business relations with wholesalers, retailers, exporters and corporate business organisations.

Types of t shirts designed and created by Creative t shirt manufacturers

Polo neck t shirts

Polo neck t-shirts are more comfortable and are distinguished by traditional collars with gently rounded corner tips and a two- or three-button placket and an optional pocket. These t-shirts come in a variety of warm colours and stretchy fabrics such as pique, jersey knit, and Ponte. Polo neck t shirts are usually short sleeved and preferably worn by men from all walks of life.

Round neck t shirts

The round neck t-shirt is one of the most popular styles of t-shirt worn by people all over the world. It is one of the most basic yet attractive t-shirt styles, and it is popular among people of all age groups. The loose round-necked T-shirts are frequently matched with a shirt when layered with other clothing, with the buttons typically left free.

T shirt for men

To cater to the specific colour and print preferences, fits, and size of the male customer base, most t shirt manufacturers specialise in designing and developing t shirts for men.

V-neck t shirts

V-neck t shirts have a neck that is formed like the letter V. These T-shirts help slim down the physique of the person wearing it. Mostly preferred by men and women with rounder face shapes V-necks paired with an unbuttoned shirt to hide the neckline.

Sports t shirt

Sports t-shirts are athletic wear apparels that are specially designed and developed by t shirt manufacturers Gurgaon, Delhi has, on specifications received from wholesalers or retail buyers. These t shirts are to be worn for specific sports events organised by educational institutions, corporate houses, organisations, etc. to support sport events.

Uniform t shirt

T shirt manufacturers create customised designs for t shirts that form a part of the uniform that is worn by male and female staff of various corporations and business organisations. Tailormade uniform t shirts are based on contemporary styles and elegant designs to compliment a professional business attire for employees who represent their organisations.

Plain T shirt in Gurgaon

A plain T shirt is a light, buttonless shirt with short sleeves and no collar. Plain t shirts are usually made of cotton and have a logo embossed on them. Available in a wide range of vibrant colours these t shirts act as the foundation for every outfit and can be styled in an infinite number of ways.

Hooded t-shirt Printing Gurgaon

Athleisure outfits often include hooded t shirts, which are ideal for the gym, and can be conveniently paired with track pants or pyjamas. When paired with the correct jeans, hoodies can give off a sophisticated and casual look.

T shirt for women in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR

The body algorithm, colour preferences and pairing style of a female varies from the t shirts that are preferred by men. Understanding the market size of female t shirt buyers, t shirt manufacturers carefully select fit size, colours, fabrics, prints and designs while manufacturing tshirts for women.

Commonly used fabrics by Gurgaon, Delhi t-shirt manufacturers

Making a t-shirt that is not only pleasant to wear but also washable and exhibits printed graphics well requires the use of the correct material. There are several types of fabrics that are used by a t shirt manufacturing company while designing and developing t shirts. Some of the most commonly used fabrics are:

Cotton t shirt printing, Creative Color T shirts.

Cotton is the most preferred fabric that is used to make t shirts. It is a natural fibre that feels great against the skin and provides a nice mix of softness, breathability, and comfort for casual wear.

Polyester t shirt in gurgaon, Custom T shirt Gurgaon

Polyester is a man-made synthetic fabric that includes nylon, acetate, and acrylic and is best suited for manufacturing sportswear, especially athletic t shirts. It is one of the most popular fabrics used by t shirt manufacturers as it is durable, dries up quickly, and maintains its shape without stretching. Custom t shirt Gurgaon.

Lycra T shirt in Gurgaon

Lycra is another fabric that is commonly associated with sportswear due to its ability to stretch and provide flexibility to the person wearing a Lycra t shirt.


Rayon is a man-made fabric that is manufactured from a combination of cotton, trees, and woody plants. It is exceedingly smooth and soft, and is often used as a more affordable silk alternative.

Poly/cotton blend T Shirt in Gurgaon

Polyester and cotton are commonly mixed 50:50 in a poly/cotton blend fabric. The softness and breathability of cotton are combined with the wrinkle-resistance, durability, and moisture-wicking properties of polyester in this natural and synthetic fabric that holds the shape of the t shirt well.


Tri-Blend fabrics are usually made out of cotton, polyester, and rayon blends, to ensure they absorb the greatest features of each fabric. They’re as light as rayon, but with the same level of softness as cotton. These t shirts are a wonderful blend of durability, comfort, and style.

Approximate cost of tshirts

Type of T shirtApproximate price
Cotton t shirtRs.200 onwards
Polo neck t shirtRs.300 onwards
Sports t shirtRs.150 onwards
Printed t shirtRs.250 onwards

Please Note: Prices mentioned above are indicative.

Creative Color is best t-shirt manufacturers nearby?

T shirt is a unanimously accepted ready to wear apparel that is manufactured in large quantities to meet the ever-increasing demand arising from various sectors. Following the growing trend of online transactions, Creative Color has created a convenient and dependable website/mobile app to assist people who are looking for information about ‘t-shirt manufacturers near me’. Individuals, retailers or businesses who are looking to buy t shirts in bulk for local, national or international trade can quickly browse through the profile of t shirt manufacturers for detailed information about different types of t shirts they manufacture, delivery areas they cover, check for customisation, contact details, payment terms and conditions, and much more. Using filters on popularity, location, distance, ratings, etc. can help refine your search results. For more specific information you can also call on 9811119961 and speak with a customer care representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do t shirt manufacturers have sample pieces?

You can browse through the sample pieces offered by t shirt manufacturers and select a specific design, colour, pattern or style of t shirt which suits your requirements.

2. What are the types of t shirts made by Creative Color t shirt manufacturers in Delhi?

Polo neck t shirts, round neck t shirts, graphic t shirts, corporate t shirts, etc. are some of the types of t shirts made by t-shirt manufacturers.

3. Can I place an order for customized t shirts with t shirt manufacturers near me?

You can get t shirts custom made as per your requirements and preferences. You can specify your ideal t shirt design to the manufacturer.

4. What is the time take by t shirt manufacturers in Delhi to service an order?

The time required for your order to be completed and shipped depends on your order quantity, type of t shirts to be delivered, distance to be covered, etc. You can contact the t shirt manufacturer for clarity on the delivery time.

5. Is door step delivery provided by t shirt manufacturers?

For bulk orders, most t-shirt manufacturers offer doorstep delivery. However, it is advisable to confirm the same with them.

6. Which types of fabrics do t shirt manufacturers in Delhi use?

Cotton, lycra, and polyester are some of the most common fabrics used to manufacture t shirts.

7. How much does a t-shirt cost?

The approximate price of t shirts starts from Rs. 200.